In a photo, the chicken is in a cast iron pan, on a baking sheet. Is this a better option than on the grill?

Someone mentioned in comments that the chicken breast skin became charred, looking to avoid that.

  • Posted by: PEGGY
  • August 9, 2021


Lori T. August 9, 2021
The point of grilling is to get some crispy skin and the taste of grilling that you just don't get in the oven. Avoiding charred skin is best done by using indirect heat to cook the meat until it's done, and then doing a quick flip on the hot side to get grill marks. The flare ups that lead to fire and char generally are due to fat dripping on the fire during cooking, hence control the temperature and use indirect heat. Direct heat is for burgers or other quick to cook foods. Maybe boneless chicken breast bits- but not chicken pieces on the bone. Lower your flame, and put it on the other side of the grill, and burned skin won't be much problem.
PEGGY August 9, 2021
Thank you for the prompt reply! Will be sure to do indirect. Still curious about the photo tho'.
Nancy August 10, 2021
Peggy - The original recipe called for cooking over a charcoal grill, gives that jnuce grilled taste and is a summer mainstay in the Finger Lakes region. But the cast iron fry pan is an alternative, especially when you can't cook outdoors
Nancy August 10, 2021
Spelling/typing error.
Should read: "gives that nice grilled taste"
Lori T. August 10, 2021
I'm rather confused about what photo you are referring to. The one with the recipe has the chicken on what look like stoneware plates. The one has fluted edges, and the other has a rim. The only pic I can see which shows a cast iron skillet would be the ad for a cookbook.
Nancy August 10, 2021
Lori - under the picture in the recipe there are 3 dots, one in black for the picture that is showing, 2 blank dots for more. Click on the dots to see other pictures, one of which has the chicken in a cast iron frying pan.
Lori T. August 10, 2021
Oh yes- thanks. You know, I had a brain skip!! Duh, I know that, and didn't even think about it.

I've no idea why they would show a cast iron pan, unless they used that on the grill to save some of the juices and fat to make a pan sauce. If they did that, then the baking sheet beneath it would be a sensible way to transport from grill to a spot where the photo could be taken and a form of protection for the surface beneath the cast iron. I know I do it that way myself when I use a cast iron skillet. Got a few roundish skillet marks on a cutting board from when I forgot, just as souvenirs to remind me.
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