I would like to try this method with chicken tenders today.

Has anyone tried this on chicken tenders? If so, any info on time and temperature would be greatly appreciated : )



dickensthedog July 23, 2021
Thank you Antonia.
AntoniaJames July 23, 2021
You certainly could grill tenders.

Place them on indirect heat on the grill - not directly over the flame -- and keep an eye on them, as they'll cook fairly quickly.

Not knowing exactly now hot that part of your grill is, I can't tell you the exact time. It could be only a minute or two before you'll want to flip them.

When they look like their cooked, check the thickest part with an internal read thermometer. The meat should be 160 degrees. If you don't have a thermometer, make a small slit in the center to confirm that the meat is not pink inside.

Remember that they'll cook for a. minute or two after you remove them from the grill and tent them - which you should do to keep the juices intact. ;o)
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