Coconut Cake fans: Toasted or untoasted?

For the ultimate coconut cake, Do you prefer leave your coconut on the outside toasted or untoasted and why??

Jennifer W


janet V. September 7, 2021
I like the chewy, pure taste of untoasted coconut. Also, white on white is stunning!
Brooklynboy1 September 5, 2021
Toasted, please! Love the crunch against the pillowy white cake and lush icing.
drbabs August 12, 2021
I will only eat coconut toasted. In addition to it tasting better, untoasted coconut has (to me) the texture of hair.
aargersi August 12, 2021
I’m a toasted gal. In more ways than one.
702551 August 12, 2021
It depends on what one is trying to accomplish.

Untoasted coconut will result in a snowy presentation. For some, this is of paramount importance.

Toasting coconut causes the Maillard reaction which produces additional flavors and aromas that untoasted coconut does not offer. For some, the additional complexity of toasted coconut is worth it.

It's really like anything toasted versus untoasted: nuts, bread, dried peppers, whatever.

In any case, do what you feel will please the people sitting at *YOUR* dinner table not ours.
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