Why bake in the Wooden container?

Why bake in the wooden container? I have a Camembert with no box that I would like to prepare this way…



Nancy August 19, 2021
I think baking the cheese in its box also partly derived from wanting to demonstrate that it was the real thing (AOC...from designated area of origin).
Lazyretirementgirl August 19, 2021
Many thanks! That makes sense.
AntoniaJames August 19, 2021
Love your name, by the way. it's what I'm aspiring to . . . . one of these days, I hope soon! ;o)
Lazyretirementgirl August 19, 2021
You are kind of my doppelgänger- I practiced law in the east bay, including a lot of litigation for internet companies, mostly internet travel companies, and retired to the Rockies. South of you, though, in Santa Fe.
AntoniaJames August 19, 2021
Ah, wish I'd known you when I had my practice in Piedmont. I did commercial litigation in SF for 18 years, then switched in 2001 to contract negotiation for internet service companies in Silicon Valley and SF. Still doing it, really enjoying it, but looking to wind down within the next 12 months. One son is still in the Bay Area. Let's together when I'm in town! You can contact me at antoniajames @ gmail. ;o)
AntoniaJames August 19, 2021
Many recipes call for baking camembert in the wooden box to ensure that the camembert retains its shape while baking. I would not trust the rind to hold that gooey, melty mass of deliciousness together at that heat. Instead, I'd cut a piece of parchment long enough to wrap around the cheese, with a few inches to spare, by 3 or 4 times the cheese's thickness. I'd fold that into thirds or fourths, wrap it around the cheese, and then tie it firmly with some kitchen twine. Then I'd bake it on a parchment lined baking sheet.

Let us know if you try that, please, and how it turns out! ;o)
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