Intrusive ads make site unpleasant to use

I understand that you need advertising revenue, but the pop-up ads l ads in mobile view are horrendous. They cover half the screen and are difficult to dismiss. Can you turn it down a notch please? They are pushing me away from your site.



Cynthia R. November 15, 2021
I second these comments - this is so disappinting. Food52 used to be one of my favorite places to go for recipes, but with the ads popping up every few seconds and covering the screen, it's now pretty much unusable.
StinkyFood November 10, 2021
The ads are obnoxious and dominate the experience. It basically makes the site unusable.
Emily K. August 20, 2021
Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Rothenbergm. We understand it's not always the most convenient experience, and while there's little we can do about the size, we always appreciate your feedback.
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