Increase hydration in a no-knead sourdough bread

I have the food52 no-Knead sourdough bread recipe, and the reviewer said they increased the hydration by 25% and added malt. I have the malt but am new to this and don't know how to increase the hydration by 25%. 480 grams flour, 100 grams sourdough starter; I put the same amounts of starter, flour, and water in mine daily. And 303 grams of water. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Posted by: jaknix
  • August 19, 2021
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1 Comment

jaknix August 20, 2021
Step 1 – Calculate the total amount of flour in your recipe (i.e. the flour in the recipe + the flour in your starter) and make a note.
Step 2 – Multiply the hydration percentage you want by the total amount of flour. This will give you the amount of water you need.

180 grams sourdough starter
600 grams strong white bread flour
360 grams water
10 grams salt

Step 1 – We want to calculate the total amount of flour. Assuming our sourdough starter is at 100% hydration, the total amount of flour is 90 grams + 600 grams = 690 grams.

Step 2 – We want 67% hydration, which means we want 0.67 x 690 grams = 462 grams. This means we need a total of 462 grams of water in our recipe instead of 450 grams (360 grams from the recipe + 90 grams from the starter = 450 grams) if we want of hydration level of 67% instead of 65%.
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