Did I have a blender problem? Did I blend eggs for too long (10sec)?

My flan came out more like a bouncy soufflé after, I believe, following the instructions pretty closely. I know there could be a myriad of causes. I was wondering, maybe since I'm using a blender that's not as nice as a Vitamix, should the corn kernels have been strained out? While my blender did break them down ok, they're pretty prominent.

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Isabel Coss' Corn Flan
Recipe question for: Isabel Coss' Corn Flan

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aargersi September 1, 2021
I have suffered flan soufflé as well. Usually it’s a too-high egg to milk ratio (did you have very large eggs?) or bringing up to heat to quickly (I always start my flan in a cold oven) or cooking for too long. I don’t think the corn is the issue though I WOULD be inclined to strain it in order to keep a super smooth texture
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