I had a Dominican friend who made a rice dish where the bottom would be burnt (crispy) and then served upside down with the brown side on top

What is it? How do I make it?



Miss_Karen November 3, 2021
Molly Yeh has a good recipe for this Persian Rice on HGTV/ food channel
But I'm sure you could Google her.
drbabs September 14, 2021
Here’s the Persian(ish) version. https://food52.com/recipes/82660-persian-ish-rice-samin-nosrat-recipe
Valhalla September 13, 2021
This is desired when making paella and it's called soccarat. (Also in Persian rice called tahdig.) I don't know much about Dominican cuisine, but I think this would be something similar. So, I think if you merge a paella recipe with what was included in your friend's recipe, you can come up with an approximation.
You basically just cook it so the rice at the bottom gets crispy, but this takes practice. I have this nonstick pan and it came with a special ceramic tray to use to flip the entire thing over before serving--it worked like a charm and I made paella with soccarat for the first time! It is currently out of stock, but I am sharing the link to show you that you can probably use something you already have in your kitchen to achieve this: https://fromourplace.com/products/tahdig-trio
Flipping is much easier than getting the rice at the bottom just so, in my limited experience.
AntoniaJames September 14, 2021
Valhalla, thanks, this is great advice. I've never made a tahdig or soccarat, but I think I'd be more likely to do so with the pan / tray you recommend. ;o)
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