What brand of Mexican Chili Powder?

Chili Powders range all over the spectrum and can change the end result. Mexican chili powders can have garlic and onion powder in them from what I'm reading. Can you give us a brand that is preferred? Can you substitute Ancho or just any type. Guessing it will be trial and error, but since Mandy's palate is so very special and spot one, I would like to use the same ingredients.

  • Posted by: wendyusa
  • September 24, 2021


Nancy September 26, 2021
This recipe is pretty close to what I make. There's some extra flavoring which I like (clove, corianter, paprika, allspice) and garlic powder, which I omit.
You can adjust it to taste.
Nancy September 24, 2021
Until or unless the author responds, buy either a brand you know and like, or from a store that has good turnover, or make your own.
When I make from scratch, I usd a mix of dried Chiles (usually one mild and one hotter), cumin and Mexican oregano.
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