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What recipe can you make with cheese, chili, onion, and bread?

asked by @scouseadam about 6 years ago
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added about 6 years ago

Savoury bread pudding - Fry onion until soft and caramelised add finely chopped chilli and cook for a minute. Grease glass or ceramic cooking dish. Layer with chopped bread and onion/chilli mix. Pour over beaten egg seasoned with salt and pepper. Top with cheese and cook at 180 for 30/40 minutes

Fc23ea4b 9ae1 494e 8a6f ba43f6488062  me by barbara tyroler
added about 6 years ago

I clicked to say bread pudding, if you also have eggs and milk. If you don't, I'd make grilled cheese, onion and chili sandwiches. Yum. Might have to do that anyway.