Can Rasberry Jam , Jelly or juices be used as the fruit in this recipe. If so how much sure jell would I use much pectin

I am a reluctant Medical Marijuana patient but the only way I can use it is in edible form, I’ve done the Jello + gelatin thing but am not a fan of gelatin. I’m most interested in using Rasberry jam purchased on accident because I only eat Rasberry Preserves.

  • Posted by: NanaNan
  • September 27, 2021
Strawberry Pâte de Fruit
Recipe question for: Strawberry Pâte de Fruit


Lori T. September 28, 2021
I also would not recommend tweaking this particular recipe- however, what you suggest is not beyond the realm of possiblity. You can add more pectin to a jam that didn't set up properly, and a fruit pate is really not much more than overly thick fruit jam. I would suggest you use a pectin that does not require more sugar added in, though- or your end product could end up sickly sweet. There are low/no sugar pectins in dry or liquid forms, and my personal favorite is Pomona's Pectin. Plus their site has a recipe for a fruit pate using their pectin, and some mention of using jam to do it as I recall.
AntoniaJames September 27, 2021
I wouldn't make any substitutions. Getting something like this to work is tricky business. The recipe was tested with fresh strawberries, which have a moisture level that needs to be paired exactly with the other ingredients. Perhaps you can find a recipe that uses jam that has been thoroughly tested. Good luck! ;o)
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