Do the chickpeas need to cook once rehydrated?

As I was pulsing the chickpeas after soaking overnight, I noticed they have a very raw flavor. Did I miss a step? Should I have boiled them?

Christine Feder Curtin
3-Ingredient Veggie Burgers
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Emma L. October 4, 2021
Hi Christine! No missing step; the chickpeas get cooked in step five. (This technique—soaking then frying—is inspired by falafel.)
Christine F. October 4, 2021
Hi Emma
Thanks for the reassurance! I made and formed the patties yesterday, left them overnight to chill and looking forward to cook them tonight! Love your recipes 😊
drbabs October 4, 2021
Thanks, Emma. I was unsure if the 5 or 6 minutes of frying per side would be enough to cook the chickpeas all the way through. Thanks for clarifying this.
drbabs October 3, 2021
You didn’t miss a step, but I’m wondering if the author did. It does seem like the chick peas need to be cooked.
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