Why not canned chickpeas rather than soaked dry ones?

  • Posted by: Lily
  • September 27, 2021
3-Ingredient Veggie Burgers
Recipe question for: 3-Ingredient Veggie Burgers


sara D. October 1, 2021
Soaked Raw chickpeas are standard for making falafal, not cooked. The Veggie burger is like a bigger flatter falafal, so use well soaked, thoroughly rehydrated raw beans for this, and grind them in a food processor till the texture is "mealy" - not bread flour fine, but smaller than rice kernel fine.
Lori T. September 28, 2021
Yeah, I can personally attest to Emma's results. Eldest daughter decided to take a shortcut and use canned chickpeas to make falalfel patties ONCE. Mush would be putting it kindly, not to mention they mostly fell apart in handling. Canned chickpeas are already fully cooked, and great for a hummus- not so good for falafel. Like most beans, additional cooking is not a friend of texture unless you are aiming for baby food puree. The soaked, blitzed beans will cook up nicely on the inside of your patty, so no worry about either raw or overcooked centers.
Emma L. September 28, 2021
Hi Lily! To me, this yields a much better texture (crunchy outside, meaty inside, not overly mushy). More about the technique here: https://food52.com/blog/26599-how-to-make-veggie-burgers-in-three-ingredients
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