Substitution for ground almonds?

Any suggestion for a substitute for ground almonds (to accommodate a nut allergy)?

  • Posted by: P-R
  • October 3, 2021


Nancy October 4, 2021
For texture and flavor, maybe buckwheat, chestnut (not a nut), or chickpeas. As flour, or ground.
Gammy October 4, 2021
Why are chestnuts not nuts? The chestnuts (as in "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire") come from a chestnut tree. Water "chestnuts" are not nuts, they are from an aquatic plant.
KLS October 4, 2021
Chestnuts ARE nuts. They are considered tree nuts, so anyone with a nut allergy should beware.
702551 October 3, 2021
I would either sub with the equivalent amount (50 g) of self-rising flour, AP flour or maybe potato starch.
702551 October 4, 2021
Sorry, I meant to say potato flour not potato starch. Corn flour might be another alternative.

As Nancy mentioned, there are other flour alternatives. Spelt and farro are two others that come to mind off the top of my head.

I wouldn't bother buying the more obscure ones just for fifty grams. My guess is that there's a workable replacement in your pantry already.
Nancy October 4, 2021
Agree in general not to spend unnecessarily on ingredients you won't use.
Recommend these three flours in specific as they can be used easily for tasty breads, pancakes, cakes, noodles.
Also good to add to a rotation when you can't eat nuts.
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