What do you like to eat with soups?

I love to make and eat soups such as mushroom, carrot, butternut squash, but I always lack for a go-along. Not a fan of the sandwich.

Stephanie G


patricia G. January 2, 2022
Rice, cooked and scooped into a neat ball with an ice-cream or smaller (sorbet) scoop. Works in just about any soup, from black bean, to vegetable purees, to cream of tomato --- or cream of mushroom for that matter --to seafood bisques, and clear soups and consommés.
AntoniaJames October 12, 2021
Depending on the soup . . . . herbed / garlic salt croutons (especially ones made with unexpected breads, such as those with a lot of seeds, etc. in them, or a good, homemade herbed focaccia), or focaccia, cut into strips and toasted, served on the side. I've never been a big fan of garlic salt, but then I've recently discovered the Spice House's blend - which also has green onion, and which you can order online (the flatpack with free shipping is the way to go) -- and found it quite acceptable, especially on croutons tossed with olive oil.

With any of those soups you mention, a good salad (one with croutons! and this time of year, dried sour cherries or dried cranberries) would always be a good choice. ;o)
702551 October 9, 2021
It really depends on the type of soup and which meal.

At home many of the soups I eat are Asian and are typically consumed as one-dish meals: pho, soba, udon, ramen, etc.

I am happy to combine Western soups with other items although they typically end up as separate courses simply due to the nature that most soups are ideally consumed hot.

For sure there are situations that have interesting conventions that aren't accepted worldwide. In Japanese kaiseki meals, there is often a separate soup-only course earlier in the meal but the last savoury course is always soup, rice, and pickles.

In the end, just do what you prefer.
drbabs October 7, 2021
I often make cornbread in the fall and freeze it in servings so I have a side of soup without much fuss. Focaccia too. Both freeze well.
Valhalla October 6, 2021
Deborah Madison has a beautiful soup book, and one of the things I love about it is the way she suggest accompaniments to the soups. For example, an adzuki bean soup with sesame-rice balls, and a rutabaga soup with paprika croutons.
I tend to want something crunchy with a soup like bread or crackers--pretty basic, but I'm less likely to want to fuss with a salad if it's a vegetable soup that I want to eat while it's hot.
Stephanie G. October 7, 2021
I love Deborah Madison. I have all her books except for that one.
Nancy October 6, 2021
Stephanie G - more ideas at The Spruce Eats in a feature article on sides for soup.
One or two are sandwiches, but most are not.
MMH October 5, 2021
I like Israeli couscous, chick peas, left over rice, & especially love any beans from Rancho Gordo.
Nancy October 5, 2021
Oh good idea on the beans.
Also, I forgot to include small cooked grains, and was just about to write a PS with them.
MMH October 5, 2021
Haha - its kinda a leftover challenge in our house!
Nancy October 5, 2021
Dumplings or noodles in the soup, croutons on top, ravioli or other filled pasta (on the side or in the soup), potato various ways.
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