Gram measurements for the flour?

Would you happen to know the weight measurements for the flour (and other ingredients, but mainly concerned re: the flour:))? I am baking in Europe and the flour is milled quite differently, I find working in measurements to be very helpful! Many thanks in advance!

Biscotti di Vino (Wine Biscotti)
Recipe question for: Biscotti di Vino (Wine Biscotti)


Nancy October 10, 2021
When you use Imperial-volume measures (whether from US contemporary sources or historical recipes from anywhere), use a chart like the one I've linked to figure out Metric weight or liquid volume.
It will show, for example, that a cup of flour weights 125g, so that means 562.5 grams for 4.5 cups flour.
But be aware the amounts aren't exact. Another chart, for ex, says 120g per cup.,grams%20equivalencies%20for%20common%20ingredients.
Vittoria October 11, 2021
Thank you so much, Nancy! I noticed the differences in amounts as well, so thought I'd check to see if a specific amount had been used successfully for this recipe already. I'm happy to try it out and report back when I do!
Nancy October 11, 2021
Vittoria - the only thing I can suggest (on the variations in translated measures) is to use one chart throughout a recipe. That is, if you start with a chart that says 125g flour per cup, stay with that chart all through your recipe.
It will likely give you more consistent ratios and end result.
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