I'm curious if anyone knows if the salt in the recipe is referring to Morton or Diamond?

I use Morton but have been burned before following recipes that don't state what brand of kosher salt so wanted to check if anyone knows from experience the proper amount. Hoping to make this soon!

Maialino's Olive Oil Cake
Recipe question for: Maialino's Olive Oil Cake


drbabs October 14, 2021
Based on the fact that this recipe was created and developed in New York (where Diamond Crystal Kosher salt is readily available), I would assume that Diamond kosher salt is what the recipe creator used. According to this article https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/prevent-measurement-mishaps-with-this-simple-salt-conversion-chart-article, a teaspoon of Diamond kosher salt weighs 3 grams. The weights of the two salts should be the same to have the same salinity. So you could weigh out 4.5 grams of your salt and add it to the dry mixture, and that would probably be the most accurate way to calculate the difference.
Nancy October 14, 2021
Drbabs ..nice extrapolation from maialino location.
Nancy October 14, 2021
Looked at online versions of the recipe, and even the originating restaurant version dies not specify which brand of kosher salt to use.
In such cases, I would use Diamond (larger crystals, lighter weight by volume) so as not to oversalt the cake.
If you only have Morton's on hand, use one of the charts or articles comparing the two brands to work out an exact volume substitution for Diamond...about half what the original amount waa by volume.
Nancy October 14, 2021
Typo correction, should read in "originating restaurant version does not specify."

And here's one article that gives weight and volume swaps between Diamond and Morton's.
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