Make ahead and freeze? With or without the glaze?

Do you think that this cake can be made ahead and frozen? If so, withnorvwithoutbthe glaze? Thank you!



Nancy October 18, 2021
I am cautious (translate - wary) about freezing a cake with a cream filling.
If you really need to make this in advance, I would bake it without the cream filling and freeze without the glaze.
Then, after defrosting, cut the cake in half horizontally, use the cream cheese as a frosting between layers, then top with glaze.
Nancy October 18, 2021
Meant to include reason for not freezing the cream filling...milk and dairy products can freeze and thaw unevenly, or separate when thawed. Better not to risk it.
dickensthedog October 18, 2021
Thanks. My concern was the cream cheese filling, but then I was thinking that there are commercial frozen cheesecakes available...
Nancy October 18, 2021
Dickensthedog - Yes there are cakes frozen with dairy in the stores. But they benefit from flash freezing, stabilizers and/or preservatives...most not available to home cooks.
OTOH, if you want to try freezing the cake with the cream cheese center, go ahead and see how it works. And please tell us your results...;)
dickensthedog October 18, 2021
You raise a good point. I think that I won't chance it...
And thank you so much for your attention to my question.
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