The loaf cake I made is too dry, can I make a glaze and drizzle it in?



Beth September 2, 2017
You can always poke holes with a straw or skewer and pour over a flavoured sugar syrup or liquid glaze, let it sit for an hour or so to let it soak in. Some people may mix rum or some sort of alcohol with the glaze.

This recipe shows the concept I am talking about.
Nancy September 3, 2017
If you use them, spirits (alone or mixed with a syrup) are also good on dry-ish cakes.
Brown, warm spirits are best - rum, cognac, bourbon, etc.
Clear white spirits are iffy...but you might find a flavor complement (e.g., tequila with a lemon or lime cake).
Liqueurs are very sweet, and added to a sweet cake might be too much. Mixed with another less-sweet liquor, may be ok....e.g. brandy and Benedictine, but not Benedictine alone.
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