Can I sub vegetable oil for coconut oil?

I often see coconut oil used in granola recipes! Is there a reason for this asides from flavor? I don’t have any coconut oil but I’d love to make this recipe

  • Posted by: whym
  • October 20, 2021
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Malted Chocolate Granola
Recipe question for: Malted Chocolate Granola

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AntoniaJames October 20, 2021
There's nothing special about coconut oil, as far as I can tell. It may add a bit of flavor here, as you suggest.

Any granola can be made with a substitute oil. You could use whatever neutral oil you like, or olive oil. With the other flavors in this malted chocolate granola, I'd go with a neutral oil - save the olive oil for a granola where it will be noticed. ;o)
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