what adjustments should I do to bake these instead of frying.?

Love all your recipes M. how would you change the recipe for baking a cake donut instead of a fried one? my waist line wants to know.

  • Posted by: SethF
  • October 25, 2021
Sourdough Apple Cider Doughnuts
Recipe question for: Sourdough Apple Cider Doughnuts


Liz S. November 2, 2021
Air Fry vs Oil Fry comparison: Interior and taste is very similar, outer crust is slightly crisper in oil. My 2nd try I made a very light glaze: a spoon of cider then enough powdered sugar to make a drizzle-able glaze. Both versions, glaze and sprinkle cin-sugar when HOT! I prefer to oil fry, but as a 1 human household, I freeze a portion (dough freezes very well) and sometimes I will do a quick(er) air fry vs oil. See photo for visual of air fry. My thought is if you want baked, then find a non-yeast baked recipe/cake doughnut.
Maurizio L. October 25, 2021
Hah! Ok, so I tried these baked... And I didn't like the result so much. Perhaps it's because I'm such a huge fan of fried doughnuts vs baked ones. If you wanted to bake them (maybe bake half and fry half?), I'd bake at 350F for maybe 20 minutes.
AntoniaJames October 25, 2021
I looked into this a few years ago re: another recipe for apple cider doughnuts (my waistline also wanted to know) and determined that Maurizio's experience seems to be the norm - expect dense, tough, unappealing results. I don't know exactly what the difference would be as far as nutritional metrics, but if it were me, I'd go ahead and make them, but cut them smaller, and only eat a few, over a day or two, and share the rest - but don't worry, you won't have any trouble finding takers!

I don't know how well they freeze, but I'd certainly try that, too! ;o)
AntoniaJames October 25, 2021
And I'd also try freezing the unbaked dough, after the final rise / cutting, to see how they work that way, too. ;o)
Liz S. October 29, 2021
I will report back tomorrow or Sunday, but I have had good success air frying sourdough doughnuts (not this specific recipe). I’d rather fry, but I freeze cut doughnuts and sometimes I want a quick air fryer version vs oil frying. I see we can add photos, so I will do that when I have a sample.
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