Help with Oxtail Ragu Recipe

Some help here would be great! I am cooking this Oxtail Ragu recipe - And in Step 7 it says to "Sauté the chopped vegetables" but those vegetables are in the oven with the oxtail? I put them together given step 4 and 5. How would you decipher this? Should I have just put the oxtail in with the wine and garlic sans vegetables?

Nicolas Lukac


Nicolas L. October 26, 2021
Ah yes, so I did it right! Thank you!
702551 October 26, 2021
Only part of the vegetables to be roasted in the oven with the oxtails are used in Step 3. The author specifies the quantity.

The remaining vegetables are chopped in a food processor in Step 6. Again the author specifies these quantities. If you add the quantities from Step 3 and Step 6 together, they will total the quantities in the ingredient list (e.g., 4 carrots + 2 carrots = 6 carrots total).
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