Promo code expirations should allow for the whole country’s time zones to take advantage of them. Unfair to those in the West. Thao

Had hoped to apply the promo code today to buy a German candle “twirler”but, being on West Coast time, the code had run out 3 hours earlier, even though it was still Nov.5 my time.



Emily K. November 7, 2021
Hi there! So sorry for any disappointment this caused. In the future, you'll always be able to find this info (i.e. exactly when a promo code expires) in the disclaimer at the bottom of any email containing one. Hope that helps—would love for you to take advantage of any upcoming codes!
Spoodles November 7, 2021
Thank you, yes, I did see the promo code deadline when I went back to check. But may I suggest you take into consideration West Coast, not to mention, AK and HI, time zones for promo codes? For single-day promotions, we have fewer hours in the am/pm to take advantage of the offer. Doesn’t seem fair….
Thanks for your earlier response, take care. Kathy
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