Is there any way to stop the autoplay ads?

I actively avoid going to Food52 because this site has the most intrusive autoplay ads of any website I use on a regular basis- ESPECIALLY on parts of the site that already have video playing, often time the SAME ad will be playing double on the same screen, making a cacophony of Tequila or Cheese ads and I just shut the site down. I see this as a true bug on this site and I am curious why this still persists.



Emily K. November 18, 2021
Hi there! So sorry to hear that. We're going to send you a note to help troubleshoot, since you should be able to mute the ads—look out for a note from [email protected].
Girlfromipanema November 28, 2021
Thank you! I never received a note about how to mute the autoplay. Would it be possible to just post the instructions in the comments if anyone would else would like to mute the ads as well? Thank you!
Emily K. November 29, 2021
Oh no, so sorry to hear that. You should be able to press mute directly via the ad! Is that not working for you?
Girlfromipanema November 29, 2021
That works fine- I guess I should have been more clear. I am asking if there is a way to mute autoplay ads by default. I visit many sites that have autoplay ads but I can't think of any other one that doesn't mute them by default.

The issue with autoplay ads not being mute by default is especially bad when the content I am viewing has videos embedded in it (like a recipe tutorial) and this video starts with an ad- and then the autoplay ad starts up as well- and suddenly I have two of the same ads playing like an echo behind one another. It's just a bad user experience.

If the answer is "no," that's fine- just a strange choice to my mind.
Girlfromipanema November 29, 2021
Ha, just checked and it seemed autoplay ads are now muted by default!
Emily K. November 30, 2021
Oh gosh, that does sound very frustrating! You should be able to control this sort of thing in your settings, but I'm glad to hear the issue seems to have resolved itself. If it happens again please feel free to reach out to [email protected] — our team will be happy to troubleshoot!
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