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Wondering why the menu header keeps disappearing from the site? I mean the main navigation menu across the top of my browser. Periodically it seems to disappear for anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. It's a useful feature. For me, its easier to navigate from the top of the page; zipping over to the left corner is clunky and less comfortable, and eliminating it means I (we) have to scroll past a number of less-interesting options to get to my favorite features. Is it something I did in settings? If so I can't seem to change it back, so I suspect it originates at the site rather than with me.... Please bring the navigational header back! I know you are continually updating things, perhaps eliminating extraneous design features or testing out site traffic or clicks or something, but for me it was not "clutter"; it was very useful, attractive (love the piglet icon this time of year) and makes site navigation smoother. Pleeeze? Thanks for your consideration.



creamtea April 10, 2018
Thanks Lindsay-Jean I got it to work by expanding my browser window (on my Mac laptop, neither ancient nor obscure).
Lindsay-Jean H. April 10, 2018
Hi Lisanne, I'm trying to troubleshoot this with the Product team, and their guess is that it might be a browser-sizing issue. When your browser window is larger, the navigation should appear across the top, but when your window is smaller you get the drop-down options on the far left. Does that seem like it might be it?
Suzanne D. April 10, 2018
Lisanne, I checked in with our Product team about it—they confirmed that it sounds like a browser size issue.
creamtea April 10, 2018
Suzanne, thanks for checking! Who knew it could be so simple?
702551 April 10, 2018
Please post your computer operating system and its version number as well as your web browser type and its version number.

Each web browser and operating system combination is unique and web programmers must write custom code to handle the idiosyncrasies of these systems.

If you are using a really old system and/or obscure browser software, web programmers may choose not to put in the effort to fully support your system. If you have a relatively recent system running a popular web browser, a good web programmer should be able to accommodate.

But they will need to know what it is you are running for starters.

Best of luck.
inpatskitchen April 10, 2018
Hi Lisanne! I find that when I use Chrome as my browser I get the navigation menu across the top but when I use Safari I have to go to the left side of the page to find the menu. I'm using a Mac.. I know it's not an answer...just an observation.
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