How many ounces / grams of garlic?

I made this stock last night and it was very watery, even after reducing to 8 cups. It wasn't tasty at all. I used 3 heads of garlic, which resulted (after peeling) in 4 ounces of garlic cloves. It's such a simple recipe, I'm not sure where I could have gone wrong, except in the volume of garlic. Any suggestions, anyone? Thanks

Pamela Blake
Garlic Stock
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Emma L. November 23, 2021
Hi Pamela, sorry to hear that! There should be no need to weigh the garlic for a recipe like this. Echoing Kelly's suggestion to increase the salt to taste—often that's the push a lot of dishes need if the taste is milder than you'd like. Hope that helps!
Pamela B. November 23, 2021
The salt definitely helped. I only weighed the garlic because I wanted to share the recipe with others, and let them know how much I actually used.
Kelly V. November 23, 2021
Hi Pamela,

I would try adding more salt (start with 1/2 teaspoon and go from there)! That should help round out the flavor and bring out all of those wonderful garlicky notes. Let me know if that works!
Pamela B. November 23, 2021
I did that and it helped a lot. The broth is good now, although not as garlicky as I'd like. I let it reduce a bit more too, in case I just didn't have enough garlic.
Kelly V. November 23, 2021
So glad to hear that it helped! Reducing it a little further will also bring the flavor out even more. Great idea!
Brian M. November 23, 2021
Hi Pamela, I'll keep thinking and asking some colleagues about this, but one initial idea could be that your garlic was picked too early. This could potentially affect the strength of the flavor. I look forward to getting you additional thoughts soon!
Pamela B. November 23, 2021
Yes, this could be the problem. The garlic is from a supermarket, so may not be at its best. I'll try making the broth from garlic acquired from a local farmer's market and see if that helps. (I'm planting garlic in the garden soon, but it will be awhile before the garlic's ready...)
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