Recipe of dish in photo with papardelle, chickpeas and dill

Hi, Would you share the recipe of the dish in the photo? Thanks so much. :)

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702551 November 3, 2021
Minestra di pasta e ceci is Roman (Lazio) not Tuscan.

This dish is listed in Ada Boni's "Il Talismano" without any notation about its origin.

However it is properly classified in the Lazio chapter of Anna Gossetti della Salda's "Le Ricette Regionali Italiane."

This is a peasant dish that is centuries old. If you choose to seek out an online recipe, look for something with a minimal number of ingredients and steps. That will be the most authentic.
Nancy November 3, 2021
702551 - thank you for your note that this dish is found in Rome. My understanding is that it is found in many places on the Italian peninsula, from Tuscany south.
Perhap my words could be taken to mean only Tuscan. It was Tuscan recipes I learned it from.
Emiko Davies, who writes here and elsewhere on Italian food, has a nice essay on this dish.
AntoniaJames November 4, 2021
Wonderful resource, that Ada Boni. I see that an American translation was made, adapted for American kitchens. It would be interesting to compare the two.

I've never seen pasta e ceci with long noodles like those shown in the photo - only short, stubby shapes, such as ditalini (or in my case, if that's what's on hand, small shells). ;o)
Nancy November 2, 2021
It's pasta e ceci, a Tuscan pasta dish or soup. Some drier, some more like a soup. Some with tomatoes, some with clear broth.
Many recipes out there; see especially NYT Cooking or Serious Eats.
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