Can you use garlic that has started to sprout, with green centers?

Garlic Stock
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drbabs November 9, 2021
AJ, just make sure it’s ok with people sensitive to garlic. I can eat it that way if I cook with it, but I can’t eat raw garlic at all. (Unfortunately. I love garlic, but it hates me.)
AntoniaJames November 9, 2021
drbabs, that's really interesting, and helpful as well. I generally don't take the little green sprouts out, and frankly I don't notice the difference. (I'm wondering if I might, however, in this broth.) I'll keep your comment in mind when cooking for guests! ;o)
drbabs November 9, 2021
Just a side note. I always take out the sprout—even when it’s little and the garlic is young. It’s the only way I can eat garlic without getting sick.
Nancy November 9, 2021
Short answer is you can use garlic that has green sprouts.
In all cases, the green bit indicates the garlic is getting old and ready to propagate itself.
Some say the green bits are bitter tasting, so cut them out.
Some say they make no difference and leave them in (as Jacques Pepin did in one of his cooking videos for station KQED.
So, experiment and decide which you prefer. Or only use the cloves with the green sprouts if you have nothing else on hand.
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