Harissa dried spice or harissa spread?

Do you recommend the dried spice or the Harissa spread

Harissa Carrot Dip
Recipe question for: Harissa Carrot Dip


Rebecca F. November 24, 2021
I tested this with harissa paste, though the dry spice will also work—I'd use about 1 1/2 tablespoons total and adjust to your flavor preference at the end; you can also make the dry spice into paste by using 2 parts spice 1, part oil 1, part water.
Nancy November 24, 2021
Glad to hear your response, as recipe author.
AntoniaJames November 24, 2021
Such helpful information, too. Conversions like this are not always obvious. Thank you. ;o)
Nancy November 24, 2021
Use whatever you have on hand or can find in stores.
The recipe calls for dried, which you can buy or blend at home.
But if you have or want to use harissa spead, count it as roughly replacing the harissa dry spice and olive oil.
Start with a small amount, taste as you go, and add more as you like.
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