Your thoughts on whether ras el hanout could be used instead of harissa in this?

The chilies in harissa just don't work for me. (The Spice House makes a wonderful ras el hanout that is chili free.). Thanks, everyone. ;o)

Harissa Carrot Dip
Recipe question for: Harissa Carrot Dip


Rebecca F. October 21, 2021
ras el hanout should be a fine sub! This recipe was developed using a harissa paste, so you may need to add a bit of extra oil to the dip, but otherwise you shouldn't have any issues.
AntoniaJames October 21, 2021
Great! Thanks for the tip on adding a touch of oil. I'll keep that in mind.

I'm so looking forward to trying this. Roasted carrots with cashews and roasted garlic? That's vegan and gluten free, making it perfect for entertaining?! Yes, please!!! ;o)
Nancy October 21, 2021
Short answer is yes. (This is third attempt to reply; for some reason site is not registering answers.)
AntoniaJames October 21, 2021
Thanks so much, Nancy. I hadn't seen this recipe before it popped up in the potluck ideas piece today. I'm looking forward to trying it. I'll let you know what we think, with that tweak! ;o)
Nancy October 21, 2021
Good, and good luck. Here's my reasoning - since the recipe withou the harrissa is mostly carrot, any spice blend you like with that vegetable can be used. Cumin forward (from Mexico, USA southwest, subcontinent). Cardamon strong (Hawaidj from Yemen, Advieh from Persia). Za'atar (various Middle East) with sumac for a sour note.
AntoniaJames October 21, 2021
When my hot-spicy-food-loving kids are here in December, I'll probably give this a go using the Berbere blend they like so much. it seems like a wonderful base recipe to change up all kinds of ways. I especially like your suggestion to use cardamom! Thanks again. ;o)
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