i have a dried harissa spice mix i'd like to turn into a glaze for salmon. what to do? mix it with honey? olive oil? anyone?



Bevi May 3, 2011
I would add a little white wine to the mix.
beyondcelery May 2, 2011
Harissa is especially good with butter, so I'd probably melt butter and mix the harissa into that, then spread it over. Possibly with a dash of honey, though I usually tend more toward the harissa-butter-lemon juice end. Salmon is a fairly sweet fish as it is, so you may not want the added sweetness of honey.
Burnt O. May 2, 2011
I agree with phyllis. The honey might burn if you only use honey. Thin with olive oil, and maybe a splash of lemon juice. The sweet with the heat will be nice - especially on salmon.
phyllis May 2, 2011
I would thin out with olive oil and also add a little honey. Slather on and cook. Yum.
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