Is mixing at high speed safe for the stand mixer?

Hi Erin, I happened to find a kitchenaid professional 5 plus stand mixer on Black Friday sale right after seeing this recipe (perfect timing!) and the manual says mixing bread dough at speeds higher than 2 could burn out the motor (and this is the model made for bread kneading). I notice you’re mixing at 6 - have you had any issues or do you regularly mix bread at this higher speed? Thanks! Looking forward to trying out this strudel :)

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Custard Strudel
Recipe question for: Custard Strudel

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AntoniaJames November 29, 2021
I would check with the customer support team at Kitchen Aid on this. For a lovely appliance like that, i would not rely on anyone - and I mean anyone - other than the manufacturer.

This is especially true where you are thinking about doing something that is expressly contrary to the use instructions in the manual. That's because the warranty will almost certainly be voided if something goes wrong - in this case, you damage the motor - as a result. You'll then be left with an expensive, and unnecessary, mess.

Do let us know what they say, please. I'm curious! ;o)
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