using butane torch or hair dryer?

i'll soon b making a tarte tatin in a metal bundt pan. the chef i watched make it used a torch to loosen the cake due to the caramelization. i'm wondering if a portable hair dryer would b sufficient. a torch is cheap to buy so maybe i shouldn't balk at buying it even tho i have no other use for it. but then again, i'd hate to waste the time/effort/money of making the cake and find it won't release properly.

  • Posted by: alan
  • November 28, 2021
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1 Comment

Nancy November 29, 2021
Alan - I have no strong opinions one way or the other. Suggest you decide based on cost, usefulness to you, time you have to make the decision.
Here are a couple articles on how to use each tool (hair dryer, torch) in the kitchen.
See what you think.
If you have the time, maybe do a trial run with the hair dryer and if it doesn't work then buy a torch.
Or, if you think you have enough possible use for the torch, buy it right from the start.
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