Crunchie and custard cookie question

Hi I need some expert advice, I am baking for the 1st time and decided to make some money while at it. Please advise if I can put my crunchies and custard cookies together in the same container, I bought plastic buckets, and the last thing I want is for the cookies to go stale after a day or 2, especially since I am trying to start a profitable business and want my customers to return



Eileen F. December 5, 2021
Also, if your collection includes ginger cookies, they need to be wrapped or separated, or everything will taste gingery.
Pamela L. December 5, 2021
They will need to be separated. To use your buckets, try putting the moist cookies on the bottom, and the crispy ones, wrapped tightly in clear plastic, on top. Maybe even place a circle of parchment paper inbetween as a divider.
drbabs November 29, 2021
If you put cookies with high moisture content into the same airtight container as cookies that you want to stay crunchy, the moisture will most likely soften the crunchy cookies. I would keep them separate. Good luck with your business!
Miss_Karen November 29, 2021
No. The softness of the one cookie will get absorbed by the crunchy cookie. Keep them separate.
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