Could this be doubled & stacked as a layer cake?

I want to serve more people than 8, but would love to keep it to one cake rather than two. Could two of these these be stacked with frosting in the middle or is it too dense? Thanks!

  • Posted by: meg226
  • December 2, 2021
Fudgy Chocolate Stout Cake
Recipe question for: Fudgy Chocolate Stout Cake


702551 December 2, 2021
Just looking at the recipe and the test kitchen notes, it seemed to look suitable. I then proceeded to read the comments.

I stopped halfway when commenter nutcakes (July 25, 2017) attested to a successful double layered cake.

Full speed ahead.

Best of luck.
meg226 December 2, 2021
Thank you so much! I thought I read through all of the comments but clearly missed that one.
AntoniaJames December 2, 2021
Another example of how great it is to be able to learn, via the comments, about what has worked (or not) for other members of the community! ;o)
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