Buche de Noel at greater Seattle bakeries?

Our family will be meeting up in Seattle over Christmas. If we're not able to make our own Buche de Noel, any recommendations for favorite bakeries where we could order one? We'll be in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood, but will have wheels. Thanks for any ideas!



drbabs December 6, 2021
Hi calendargirl! I don’t know if this place is anywhere near where you’ll be, but it looks amazing. http://www.laparisienneseattle.com/. You can find Buche de Noel in the Christmas section. Merry Christmas!
calendargirl December 7, 2021
Thanks so much, Barbara! I have been salivating over the buche offerings at La Parisienne. Warmest greetings to you, too!
Marla H. December 13, 2021
Hiroki's Fine Desserts has a wonderful Buche de Noel
calendargirl December 13, 2021
Thanks so much for this! We will definitely check out Hiroki's Fine Desserts.
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