Shrimp de jonghe PIZZA... good idea or no?

I'm wanting to combine an old family tradition with pizza. This year for Christmas I'm being asked to cook a couple of pizzas of my own design. Also, my grandfather used to make shrimp de jonghe for Christmas. Now that he has been passed for a few years I wanted to bring it back. Would you imagine that shrimp de jonghe (shrimp cooked in a lot of butter with garlic and breadcrumbs) would make for a well tasting pizza?

Chad Michael


boulangere December 7, 2019
The only response I have is yes, which seems woefully inadequate to describe how absolutely heavenly your combination sounds. You might consider undercooking the shrimp a bit in the butter stage, since it will cook further on the pizza, and too much cooking can tend to make them rubbery. Maybe do a trial run before Christmas - you know, so that (a) you look like a natural when performing in front of your group at Christmas, and (b) you consume as many shrimp as possible. All in the interest of science, of course.
Nancy December 7, 2019
Another reason to do a test batch before see if you have to make any (other) adjustments to the recipe.
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