Freezing, then thawing, then freezing flour

I don't have enough freezer space for my whole grain flours. Would it harm the flour to put it into a solidly air-tight container on the back porch, where the temperature will fluctuate above and below freezing in the winter? (I'm in Chicago)



Nancy December 12, 2021
TiggerLou - do you have a cooler than room-temp place where you could store flour...maybe garage, or uninsulated part of basement?
drbabs December 10, 2021
How much flour are you talking about? If you can use it all within 2 months or so, you probably don't have to freeze it. I'm guilty of buying too much, too, so I feel your pain. But I don't think I'd leave it outside for more than a couple of days. I'd be worried about rodents getting into it.
Tiggerlou December 10, 2021
Animals getting to it was the first thing I thought of. The tentative plan was to put airtight canisters of flour into a rubbermaid-style tub that closes up tight. I suppose a raccoon might be smart enough to get into that, but not most critters.
Tiggerlou December 10, 2021
I asked a friend and they told me the real problem is damp. That if I bring it inside, it might collect some moisture, which would cause mold.
So.. I guess that means scooping the exact amount out on the porch --and only baking in non-damp weather, LOL
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