Can I substitute ricotta for the cream cheese?

Since there is a cream cheese shortage right now, can I use ricotta or anything else to substitute?



Nancy December 15, 2021
Or consider Kraft Dec 2021 offer of $20 per consumer to make another dessert than cheesecake.
Promotion is by way of apology for cream cheese supply chain problems.
drbabs December 15, 2021
Haha. Really? I had no idea.
drbabs December 15, 2021
The $20 might pay for 2 lbs of mascarpone. 😎
Nancy December 15, 2021
Yep, offer is limited (a couple weeks now, about 2000 people) but real. Look it up.
drbabs December 15, 2021
You can use ricotta, but it will have a different texture, and possibly taste. (Not bad, but different— lighter, grainier texture, maybe a little less sweet.) Probably the closest substitute is mascarpone, but the cost of 2 pounds of mascarpone is quite a bit more than the cost of 2 pounds of cream cheese. (And it will be a richer cake, too.)
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