Can I double this recipe? I'm thinking it may be too much oil?

Can I Double?

Linda Iannuzzi


drbabs December 23, 2021
I would mix everything but the oil, water, and lemon juice together in a large bowl, and drizzle in oil, a little at a time, stirring till the potatoes look lightly coated. I’d then stir in the water and lemon juice. Also, imho, there no need to peel Yukon gold potatoes.
702551 December 22, 2021
I frequently roast potatoes in this sized baking dish (9x12-13") and I have *NEVER EVER* used a quarter cup of oil.

Just use as much oil as you seem fit.
Nancy December 22, 2021
Yes, I would think so.
If you're worried about the amount of oil, double everything else but start with oil for only a single batch.
Then, as they cook, check the potatoes intermittently and leave as is (they are quite sturdy, forgiving) or add more oil, if you think they need it.
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