Have a rack of lamb that was cut into double chops. I was thinking about using a simple marinade of olive oil, Rosemary, garlic and salt and

Would grilling be the best technique, or browning and then finishing in the oven? Any other ideas or recipes?

mt gal
  • Posted by: mt gal
  • October 8, 2015


Bevi October 8, 2015
We cook our lamb chops - pretty thick - on the grill, salted and peppered. We serve with garlic scape pesto made in the cuisinart with a touch of mint and pistachios. The pesto is delicious with the grilled chops.
mt G. October 8, 2015
Thanks everyone!
scruz October 8, 2015
also, i just made a rack 2 nights ago. in the oven at a low temp (300 or less) and used an instant read thermometer. since the double chops are smaller, they will take less time and you might need to broil for the last couple of minutes to brown. i don't like browning meat because i don't have a range fan and find broiling gives a nice brown on the high spots. browning first before roasting might tend to overcook them, but i like my lamb chops on the medium rare side.
scruz October 8, 2015
i agree that there should be some tartness to the marinade. since lemons and limes are so expensive, this is where i use french's yellow mustard to balance the marinade out. it does not leave a french's yellow mustard flavor (of which i'm not fond) but leaves a nice flavor note.
Alexandra V. October 8, 2015
To balance out your marinade consider adding some lemon juice and oregano, but my dad is Greek and this is how we always flavor lamb. I think grilling would be ideal.
Nancy October 8, 2015
In addition to your grilled or roasted lamb, consider this romaine salad designed by Doug Crowell of Buttermilk Channel Restaurant, Brooklyn, for cool weather serving with lamb.
ChefJune October 8, 2015
Nancy, that link does not work. would love the recipe.
Nancy October 8, 2015
Sorry about that, Chef June. Will look for a working link or post the recipe in the next day or two.
Nancy October 8, 2015
Alas, WSJ no longer has the lamb-and-salad recipe. Here is my adapted version.
ChefJune October 8, 2015
inpatskitchen October 8, 2015
We always grill and use the marinade in this recipe:
ChefJune October 8, 2015
Either way should yield good results. I would use multiple herbs (thyme, rosemary, marjoram, perhaps lavender greens) and some dry mustard in the marinade.
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