Tat soi: I bought some today at an Asian farmers' market. I've never cooked with it (or even tasted it). Ideas, anyone? Many thanks. ;o)



mrslarkin April 22, 2011
It's so delicious. But I always seem to eat it all before actually trying to cook with it. It's usually gone by the time I'm home from the farmers market (and I live 5 houses away.) GREAT in salads.
healthierkitchen April 22, 2011

This soba noodle salad is terrific. I am actually growing some this spring (pretty easy!) to use with soba!
Greenstuff April 22, 2011
It would not surprise me if you've already eaten tat soi--it's a reasonably common component to salad greens mixes. I think that amysarah is right, that it's most often eaten in salads, but you can add it to soups or quickly stir fry or sauté it a well.
Sam1148 April 22, 2011
Sauteed. (think of it like mustard of collard green)..with a cleanly brighter flavor. With some good sweet onions, leeks, or valadila, or spring onions.

Top with Braised Pork belly slices. Crisped up, or Pancetta ham.

Toss the greens with either a touch of rice wine vinegar, or southern style 'pepper sauce' (peppers in white vinegar). (or the vinegar heated in a microwave with red pepper flakes). A bit of fried onions, or sunflower seeds, or pine nuts for extra textures.

You can sub good thick bacon for the meat element. Or fried tofu (Firm drained; Matchstick cut; tossed in cornstarch fried crispy) and or sauteed mushrooms for vegie dish.
hardlikearmour April 22, 2011
Also, just taste a bit and see what you think! You may know exactly what you want to do with it.
TiggyBee April 22, 2011
It's plentiful here where I live and really nice stirred into some brown rice and wilted (with some soy sauce, etc, let your imagination flow) also makes a really nice salad green, as hardlikearmour mentioned. Hope this helps AJ!!
boulangere April 22, 2011
I miss the Bay Area!
amysarah April 22, 2011
It has a strong, pungent flavor. I've only ever had it in salads, never cooked. Very tasty, if you like sharp greens. From what I'm told, it's loaded with nutrients too.
hardlikearmour April 22, 2011
Flavor wise it's like a mild mustard green. You can use it raw in salads or cooked.
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