What to do with large containers of flax seed and cocoa nibs?

A friend gave me these pantry items when she moved cross-country. They've been stored in the refrigerator. I've never used either - any suggestions?

  • Posted by: Bradley
  • January 16, 2022


Nancy January 17, 2022
another thought - some say flax seed can be used as bird food. Maybe a good idea in winter.
Miss_Karen January 16, 2022
I can't help you with the flax seeds, but I stir cocoa nibs into cookie dough or chocolate granola mix, or cake garnish.
Nancy January 16, 2022
A few ideas (and others will have more).
Flax seed - replacement for eggs. Addition to various whole grain dishes, like bread and granola.
Cacao nibs - dessert, chocolate dishes, infused vodka or brandy.
drbabs January 16, 2022
Add to smoothies. (Grind the flax seeds first if you can.) Or oatmeal. Or sprinkle on yogurt. Add to baked goods— bread for the flax seeds, cookies for the cocoa nibs. Make a big batch of granola with flax seeds and cocoa nibs.
Happygoin January 16, 2022
As drbabs says, you need to grind those flax seeds. The human body can’t break down flax seeds. You just eliminate them whole, not getting any benefit.

The problem is that flax seeds are very, very difficult to grind. They’re very hard.

For this reason, I’d never buy whole flax seeds. I buy flax seed meal and use it often in baked goods and granola.
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