Has anyone baked the Pan de Cristal recipe from King Arthur yet?

Has anyone baked the Pan de Cristal recipe from King Arthur yet? I have it rising now and wonder if anyone has tried the recipe yet. The dough looks good so far.

Lucia from Madison


Bill M. June 22, 2023
Made it last weekend. Came out perfect & wonderful. I don't think I will be able to not have it on hand ever again! Freezes well.
JShields81 June 8, 2023
I've tried 5 times to make this recipe. Every single time the dough doesn't set up and will sometimes get sloppier when I do the folds. I have given up on it.
Diane A. February 16, 2023
I made it last night for the second time. It’s fabulous. I made it a month ago for the first time. If you follow the video an the recipe I think it’s foolproof.
anna G. January 15, 2023
Yes, I made it two days ago. I followed their baking instructions for the first two (@475 15 min on baking stone and another 13-15 on top rack) and they got almost burned in top (bottoms were fine). For second 2 I lowered oven temp to 450F and did all the cooking (only 20 min) on the baking stone which worked much better.
The next day I made a sourdough version (Breadtopia) and cooked loaves at 500 F on baking stone 10 min and lowered temp to 410F for the next 20 min. with good results. I plan to duplicate the King Arthur recipe with use the Breadtopia timing and temps but move the baking stone up one level.
karen March 14, 2022
Yes, I have. It was amazing.
Penelope C. February 6, 2022
Perfection. Was very similar to what I ate in Barcelona. I watched the videos and the IG video made for it.
MerryWren February 1, 2022
My hubs baked a batch with KA bread flour. After baking, it was quite flat, almost like naan. However, it had the very open crumb and was delicious! Going to try it myself today. Fingers crossed!
Philip M. January 28, 2022
Baked yesterday. Followed directions but added a little more initial rest and stretched rests between folds to 30-40 minutes. (I needed 5 folds) I Used 100% KA Bread flour for the needed protein levels of high hydration breads. Came out perfect except for first batch, because I didn't realize my new oven heating element was on the top. I burnt the top. Moved second batch to top of a inserted wire rack on top of my stone for the final part of bake. Second part of bake ensures bread drys properly to maintain crust after cooling. Not an easy bread for newbies. High hydration and need a floured bench scraper to gently move bread. Will try again with a overnight refrigerator fermentation to try to improve flavor. Maybe do a hybrid sourdough/Active yeast.
[email protected] January 26, 2022
I made it today, yes it was a huge mess. Are used arrowhead mills bread flour, and I don’t think it could handle the hydration either. I did end up adding another cup or so of flour after trying the spiral fold the third time. It came out OK, it looked good but it didn’t taste particularly flavorful. Dunked in fresh minestrone however was great.
Anu January 23, 2022
I tried it, but it came out a mess. It might be my flour, it can't seem too handle 100% hydration. It's King midas special bread flour from Ardent Mills. It was a soup from start to finish with very little gluten development to hold things together. Toward the end I had to add flour to be able to salvage anything, and I would up with a loaf of Italian bread. Also with the short time, there is not much flavor. I'm trying a different recipe, which I started yesterday and it shows more promise.
drbabs January 22, 2022
Please post how it comes out. I was going to make it a couple of days ago, but I have so much bread in the house that I decided to put it off.
Lucia F. January 23, 2022
I made it!
I reduced the recipe to make one loaf. The recipe makes 4.
As you can see from the photo it is not as airy as the photo on the King Authur site.
But wow it is delicious!!! The one loaf I made is almost gone.
I followed the instruction up to the baking part. I do not have a pizza stone. I preheated a ceramic loaf pan and put the bread in with parchment paper. I did not remove it from the pan to finish it.
I will try it again, maybe make 2 loaves next time.
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