What can I use to get food stains off of my Instant Pot, pot?

There are a lot of food stains on the inner pot (I have the ceramic, nonstick one) and scrubbing it with a sponge and hot soapy water hasn't worked to get it clean. Soaking it in soapy water didn't do anything either. What can I use to get the food stains off?



HalfPint January 28, 2022
Try scrubbing with Bar Keeper's Friend.
Lori T. January 28, 2022
The original formulation of Bar Keeper's Friend is not for use on a nonstick surface of any sort. It's too abrasive. I think you could use the soft formulation, or the foam spray on versions, with some care.
Stephanie G. January 27, 2022
I use baking soda and it works like a charm.
702551 January 27, 2022
Before you rush out to buy denture cleaning tablets, try some baking soda first. Bicarbonate of soda is the primary active ingredient in those tablets and you probably already have some bicarb somewhere in your kitchen.
Lori T. January 27, 2022
Try denture cleaner tablets - the sort that fizzes in hot water. How many you need depends on how much water/how full you need or want the pot. If your stains are mostly on the bottom, then you don't need as many as with a full pot. If you can find it, there is another denture cleaning product called Stain Away that I like really well for stubborn stains in plastic ware. It would also be safe enough to use on the pot, though. Denture cleaning tablets are made to remove food stains, so they work well on plastic, nonstick coatings, and glass stuff like vases.
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