Do you think this is possible for a whole turkey?

Question: Thoughts on if this is possible with a turkey, and what would you recommend for cook temperature and time?

I stocked up on frozen whole turkeys ($1.87/lb) just after Thanksgiving and my only plan right now is to thaw, debone, and grind the meat.

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1 Comment

Nancy February 3, 2022
I don't see why not.
If you are able to do so, recommend thawing and spatchcocking (cutting out spine so you can press turkey more or less flat on cooking sheet) turkey before cooking.
Then follow recipe.
Depending on weight of turkey (compared to the 4 lb chicken in original), it will take longer.
Use digital probe thermometer and cook turkey until inside registers 150 to 170F.
Crazy range, I know, but advice varies for combination of safety (make sure enough heat to kill salmonella) and taste (not dry out the bird). Look up a few articles if you're jnterested.
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