Emma, how would I go about flavouring these truffles beyond plain chocolate?

Freeze dried fruit powders? Extracts or spices? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Anita
  • February 7, 2022
Easier Chocolate Truffles
Recipe question for: Easier Chocolate Truffles


rikomatic December 9, 2022
I added a few glugs of bourbon to mine. Didn't seem to alter the chemistry too much, and added a deeper flavor.
Emma L. February 8, 2022
Hi Anita! You can add a flavoring in step one if you'd like: an extract like vanilla, alcohol like bourbon, powder like instant espresso, or ground spice like cinnamon. Just start small with the quantity and adjust to taste from there.
HalfPint February 7, 2022
I would add any flavoring at the end of Step 1.

As for types of flavorings: extracts or flavor oils work well. But they vary in strength from brand to brand. I would start with a low amount, say, 1/4 tsp and add more, to taste. Generally, oils are more concentrated than extracts.

I have no experience with fruit powders, but I tend would be more cautious of them altering the consistency and texture of the truffles, since you probably need more for the flavor to come through.
Nancy February 8, 2022
Maybe dust the outside of the truffles with the fruit powder, or a combination of fruit powder and confectioner sugar.
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