Lost the wonton soup recipe that I saw here once

Looking for a recipe for wonton soup that had MSG as the secret ingredient. It got so many great reviews. I wanted to make it but can’t find it. Thanks!

Heidi Salvucci


drbabs February 17, 2022
Was it one of these? https://food52.com/recipes/search?q=wonton+soup&tag=test-kitchen-approved&o=relevance
Nancy February 17, 2022
Is it "clear wonton soup" by Mark, posted in 2016?
Heidi S. February 17, 2022
Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to search. Yes, Nancy, it is the “clear wonton soup” by Mark ;-). I have now saved it in my favorites. I just got back from grocery store and guessed ingredients; forgot the chicken thigh so may make another day. Thank you again!
Nancy February 17, 2022
HalfPint February 17, 2022
Print a pdf of that recipe too. Someone recently wanted a recipe that was no longer available on F52.
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