Could I add an 8-oz. brick of cream cheese to the filling?

I love the combination of cream cheese and peanut butter. Don’t you?

Hollis Ramsey
Peanut Butter Cream Pie
Recipe question for: Peanut Butter Cream Pie


AntoniaJames February 24, 2022
Another reason is that cream cheese has a nasty way of dulling the flavors of anything with which it is mixed, which would be such a shame with this Peanut Butter Cream Pie. ;o)
Nancy February 21, 2022
Yes, those flavors go well together.
But no, I have doubts about adding 8 oz cream cheese to this pie - because there's already a lot of fat in it.
And baking - unlike cooking - is chemistry. Tinkering with the formula can be tricky.
Try a smaller amount of cream cheese.
Or another peanut butter pie recipe that already has cream cheese built in.
Hollis R. February 21, 2022
Good point about fat content. But this is a no-bake recipe, and the only tinkering I propose to do, besides adding cream cheese, is substituting cornstarch for gelatin (see my other question.) If fat content is a problem, I’d eliminate the crust rather than the cream cheese.
Nancy February 21, 2022
Well, if you go ahead with the 8 oz cream cheese please report on how it goes and what other changes you make.
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