What is the process for Whipped Ganache?

I have a batch of 1:1 ganache at room temp the texture of playdough from a previous project and need to turn it into Whipped Ganache to frost a new cake this morning. I know it needs additional heavy cream. Experienced Bakers, what process would you use to smoothly incorporate the extra cream? Should I gently warm the ganache first? Melt it entirely? Whip as is, Then add cream and whip again?

Jennifer W
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames March 27, 2022
I'm not sure I'd add anything, nor would I warm the cooled ganache before whipping. I'd just whip it as is until you get the consistency you want. The whipping process will warm the ganache, making it less stiff, and eventually, kind of fluffy. I'd give it a minute or so with electric beaters before even considering adding any more cream. ;o)
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